The Squirrel Hill Business District made up of the Forbes and Murray corridor has been a consistently robust and vibrant business district through decades of economic upturns and downturns.

A task force was started by the late, then City Councilman, Bob O’Connor to bring together Public Safety, Public Works and the Mayor’s office. His vision was connecting the Businesses with city administration to make city services more accessible to the businesses and to open the lines of communication directly from the business owners.

The task force was created organically through Councilman O’Connor’s feet-on-the-street style and talking to people in the community. And in 1992, those involved in the task force created the Squirrel Hill Business and Professional Association as a 501(c)6 non-profit organization to provide structure to the initiative.

This task force held monthly meetings that included merchants and representatives from public safety, such as the zone commander, public works and included representatives from the Library, Port Authority, Job Corp and other community organizations as topics presented themselves.

After Councilman O’Connor became Mayor O’Connor the task force continued to meet, and now Councilman Corey O’Connor continues to support the initiative started by his father. We appreciate the dedication of these passionate community leaders who have supported Squirrel Hill for so many years.

Re-energized in 2014, Uncover Squirrel Hill seeks to capitalize on its rich history by invigorating the formal network of businesses in the Forbes and Murray corridor, and eventually throughout Squirrel Hill.

Uncover Squirrel Hill gives a voice to the business owners and provides access and communication to the Mayor’s Office with representatives from Police, the office of Community Affairs and Public Works.

As a business-member-based organization, Uncover Squirrel Hill aims to bring the diverse merchant base together to meet goals and plans developed by its member businesses. Uncover Squirrel Hill will:

  • organize the merchants to develop and maintain a highly visible role in the community;
  • work with local community leaders to ensure the development and continued improvement of the neighborhood business district;
  • open and maintain lines of communication with business and property owners; and;
  • organize and secure funds that meet to help meet the Association’s vision and goals.

Uncover Squirrel Hill aims to inspire the neighborhood. Squirrel Hill will continue to be a growing and thriving business district.

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